Derby Green

Living in harmony with the local community and the environment has become a priority.


As a result of our commitment to the community, Derby Green is the first green roof industry in Peru. The project, conducted jointly with landscape architect Allison Suarez, sought to resolve the fact of having ended up surrounded by 28-floor office and apartment buildings, since until a few years ago our neighbors were Los Rosales nursery, two 3000m2 houses, and an Amazonian ornamental fish aquarium for export.

What we have done is innovative. We consider it innovative because although there are already some commercial and residential green roof projects in Lima, we could not find one that was implemented on a factory, and living in harmony with the local community and the environment had become a priority to us.

And what is the contribution of our more than one thousand m2 of green roof? In addition to decreasing the high temperatures produced by the so called “heat island”, as a result of window glass reflection from new buildings, the evaporation generated by plants via photosynthesis and the layer of land and irrigation stabilize the temperature reducing the amount of dust in the atmosphere, resulting in energy savings of up to 5% and lower maintenance costs.

Architect Gonzalo Li, Chairman

We have a great responsibility for the space in which we operate and the impact we generate.

Derby Green Opening

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Derby Green introduction